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Coffee Beans


Light Roast Espresso

Thick caramel aromas, with milk chocolate and sweet flavors. Well balanced body with a lingering caramel aftertaste.



Dark Roast Blend

Pipe tobacco aroma with dark chocolate flavors finish with a smokey aftertaste. This Dark Roast coffee is made with Central American coffees with a full lingering body. A great option for those who enjoy a traditional dark coffee.


Naturally Decaffeinated Espresso

A full bodied decaf with hints of dark chocolate. Very smooth finish. A Natural Decaffeinated coffee used to create a smooth alternative to our caffeinated espressos.



Light Roast

Smoked apple and mild earth flavors finish clean with a thick body and mild acidity. This Light-Medium roast from the Aceh region in Sumatra, it is a wet-hull processed coffee, which is when the parchment of the coffee is removed when the coffee is still quite wet and then dried.

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Colombian Rojas Finca La Florida

Medium Roast

Grown by Farmer Gilberto Rojas, most recognized for his 2nd place finish in the 2015 cup of excellence. Notes of chocolate, ripe banana and caramel.